Battle of La Mard W.S.S. (1702-13)

Started by nevermore, August 28, 2012, 07:46:14 AM

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Battle of La Mard W.S.S. (1702-13)
The game is as most of wargamers play is a fictitious battle that we threw together, its 28mm
played under the club rules, another 73 photos uploaded on the main website, enjoy.

The War of the Spanish Succession, also known as Marlborough's Wars (1702-13), fought in Europe and on the Mediterranean, were the last and the bloodiest of the Wars between England and France under Louis XIV, and the first in which Britain played a major military role in European military affairs.

the battlefield map

The battle field of La Mard

Austrian infantry ranks in postion

Guido Starhemberg gallops along the fronk ranks, cheers are heard.

Austrian staff wish each other luck before the battle

Austrian cavalry on the left flank move up to position.

Btitish move first on the farmhouse La Merd

Austrian cavalry massed trot forward on the left flank.

A company move onto the field in support on the rank field, the bugle is
heard and moral is high.

Artillery guns are reloaded after falling short of the first shot

British line move forward at the center foot of the hill.

Austrian beat of the drum gives the order to attack on the left

Reload order is given after volley.

La Merd farmhouse is taken

The battle on the Austrian right flank.

Austrian right flank suffers badly under the british volleys.

The battles rages on the Austrian left.

Reserves are push forward to secure the left.

Artillery hold back the british center as they pound holes in the ranks.

All is well on the left as the cavalry sound the bugle to pursue the british.

On the right the british suffer and Grens play the tune to advance.


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