Battle at Lud Gareth the Strong Spear V Algernon

Started by nevermore, October 02, 2012, 06:00:19 AM

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Battle at Lud Gareth the Strong Spear V Algernon

Norman v Saxons another 45 photos uploaded on the main website for you to enjoy.

Battlefield at Lud, the Normans stroll onto the village

Saxon scouts checking out the village for Norman pigs.

Algernon leader of the Normans screams attack the Saxon dogs.

Gareth the Strong Spear in position with his men.

Village at Lud is taken by the Saxons

Algernon sends a frontal attack on the village, while he sends cavalry to encircle the Saxons

Algernon cavalry  with support

Saxons clash with the Norman archers but are hit in the rear by the cavalry

The Saxons fall back from Lud and a pursue by the Normans slaughters the Saxons.

Gareth the Strong Spear swears revenge and hurls insults as he leaves the village.


That is an excellent looking table.  The figures aren't bad either. :)
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