The Battle of Wimpfen 1622

Started by nevermore, October 16, 2012, 05:59:21 AM

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The Battle of Wimpfen was a battle in the Bohemian Revolt period of the Thirty Years' War on 6 May 1622 near Wimpfen. The forces of the Holy Roman Empire and Catholic League under Marshal Tilly and Gonzalo de Córdoba defeated the Protestant forces of General Ernst von Mansfeld and Georg Friedrich, Margrave of Baden-Durlach.

To gain time and to attempt to split the combined Catholic army, Mansfeld crossed the Neckar near Heidelberg while Georg Friedrich marched east up the river to cross at Wimpfen. The plan failed as the troops under Tilly and Córdoba did not split and instead pursued the 14,000 strong army of Georg Friedrich and cut him off near Wimpfen. Outnumbered, the margrave deployed his troops into a defensive position on a low hill outside of the village. Here the Protestants made an effective stand, rallied by a strong artillery position until a random Spanish countershot exploded the Protestant magazine, costing the Badeners their position. The Catholics drove the hill and shattered the Protestant army. Georg then fled to Stuttgart with but a few remaining men under his command.

Another 96 photos are on the main website and we would like to thank for publishing a wonderful report in this months magazine.

Deployed forces at the Battlefield of Wimpfen

Protestants with armed carts await

The defence line of the protestants army.

Catholic army are ordered to advance towards the line.

Artillery wait for the right moment to fire shot on the advancement.

Margrave of Baden-Durlach lines his men behide the cover of the carts.

Catholic cavalry await on the right flank of the Prostestant army.

From a walk to a trot the cavalry from both sides will clash in a bloody fight that continued
back and forth during the rest of the game.

Prostestant cavalry on the left flank move through the village to secure any attacks.

They then take up position and await.

A misfire from the artillery gun and a large explosion shakes the surrounding ground.

Prostestant artillery opens fire on the advanced Catholics.

The center and right flank postitions at the battlefield of Wimpfen, you can see the cavalry clash and the large explosion that rattled the ranks of the defenders.

Catholics advance on the left flank

The retreat begins with a pike defence trying to hold off the cavalry

Ranks thin out and musket shots are shot randomly.


very nice.

when you guys are gaming these things out, how close to the actual outcomes do the battles get?

and while I'm sure you can piece together the records of the forces that were actually there, do you guys also rope in forces that could have appeared historically, but never made it to the battlefield for whatever reason (no orders, got lost, found a whorehouse instead, etc)?
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We did the battle of Worth last week without the Wurttemburg corps just to see what would happen and we removed the mitrailleuse machine guns from the french (franco prussian war) just to see what would of happened, yea we tend to game the same battle around 3 times or swap players around to see if they can do better or what if ?
We like to research battles and the history though and try to get everything right to get that feel of the period, overall i don't recall ever having a bad game we all tend to enjoy the games and talk about why the tabletop battle was won or lost, but then again we are all nutcases who are full of insults and curses across the table, but its all banter and so funny at times and we all look forward to those Monday nights because you go home laughing.
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Longblade is coming down on the 27th of this month he will enjoy the day out 100%

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Quote from: nevermore on October 16, 2012, 10:15:43 AM
Longblade is coming down on the 27th of this month he will enjoy the day out 100%

that'll be me, but if LB wants to come he can stay at mine!

Don't be daft mate - you know where you live is outside of the main space-time continuumumumum - last time I was there it took me 3 weeks to get out again - it has a one-way system that is out of this world......
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