Battle of Spicheren 1870

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Battle of Spicheren 1870

Franco Prussian War

Point F is the French Line of Communications to Metz, which must be kept open.

French II Corps. General Frossard AC

Corps Troops
1st Horse Arty Btn             
2nd Horse Arty Btn             
1st Division. Gen de Div Vergé

32eme Ligne                     
55eme Ligne                     
76eme Ligne                     
77eme Ligne                     
3eme Chasseurs                 
1st Divn Field Arty Btn         
1st Divn Mitrailleuse Bty       

2nd Division. Gen de Div Bataille

8eme Ligne                     
23eme Ligne                     
66eme Ligne                     
67eme Ligne                     
12eme Chasseurs                 
2nd Divn Field Arty Btn         
2nd Divn Mitrailleuse Bty       

3rd Division. Gen de Div Laveaucoupet

2eme Ligne                     
63eme Ligne                     
24eme Ligne                     
40eme Ligne                     
10eme Chasseurs                 
3rd Divn Field Arty Btn         
3rd Divn Mitrailleuse Bty       

Cavalry Division. Genl Lichtlin

4eme & 5eme Chasseurs a Cheval 
7eme & 12eme Dragoons           

Prussian Army

1). 12:00 turn. Burback,

14th Division, VII Corps, First Army. Genl v.Kamecke

Fus Regt 39                     
Inf Regt 74                     
Inf Regt 53 (part)             
Inf Regt 77                     
11th Hussars                   
15th Hussars                   
14th Divn Heavy Arty Btn       
14th Divn 1st Field Arty Btn   
14th Divn 2nd Field Arty Btn   

2). 14:00 turn in Burbach

III Corps, Second Army (part) Genl v.Alvensleben

5th Division, Genl v.Stulpnagel

Gren Regt 8                     
Inf Regt 48                     
Gren Regt 12                   
Inf Regt 52                     
12th Dragoons                   
3rd Jager Btn                   
5th Divn Heavy Arty Btn         
5th Divn Field Arty Btn         

3). 15:00 turn in Burback:

VIII Corps, First Army (part) Genl v.Goeben

16th Division (part), Genl v.Barnekow

Fus Regt 40                     
9th Hussars                     
14th Divn Heavy Arty Btn       
14th Divn Field Arty Btn       
4). 17:00 turn south of Saarbrucken:

VII Corps, Second Army (part) Genl v.Zastrow

5). 19:00 turn north west of Forbach:

13th Division(part), VII Corps, First Army.

Genl v.der Osten-Sacken

Inf Regt 55                     
8th Hussars                     
7th Jager Btn                   
13th Divn Heavy Arty Btn       
13th Divn Field Arty Btn       

3). The battle begins at 12:00 noon. It ends at the end of the 20:00 turn. The Prussians are the attackers.

Map positions at 12:00

14th Division, VII Corps, First Army. Genl v.Kamecke cross the bridge

Pussians storming the 3 bridges across the river Saar

1st Division. Gen de Div Vergé French right flank in position await.

2nd Division. Gen de Div Bataille French center

The battlefield of Spicheren

French Mitrailleuse in position await the on-coming prussian ranks

Prussian infantry and dragoon attack the town of Schoneck on the French left

French center and right flank, the center advances forward

Prussians unlimber on the banks on the R.Saar and bombardthe French center

Yet more Prussian artillery massed and rip through the French advance at the center

French right flank holds out againsted the Prussians

French advance on the center, these are the brave men that fell before the artillery guns.

Prussian grenadiers turn on the French center and try the flank only to get flanked themselves.

The brawl at the center, notice the Prussian horse attacking the flanks, the battle was going good for the Prussians at this stage.

The French manage to beat off the flank attacks and turned on the Grenadiers and flank them.

One cavalry charge again turned the French center and rolled em back

Map positions around 5pm,the French seem to think that all the Prussians were coming across the Bridges and moved everything forward, but the sound of the guns brought on the 13th prussian division who took Forbach

The notes also identify all the Prussian entry points and times. The main attack develops across the River Saar from.The flank moves heads toward Forbach at 17:00.The French won with the last roll of the dice and retook Forback and the line of communication was kept open,much to the delight of the French players while the Prussian players wondered how on earth they losted it.

Tons more photos on the main website in the gallery


this is the one i missed isnt it?!



Quote from: undercovergeek on October 29, 2012, 03:26:08 PM
this is the one i missed isnt it?!


No you missed the big ... this was the smaller table, the other table was 30 foot long with tons more miniatures, nevermind, i can arrange a game with you in the near future, see how you can handle really big battalions, wait till after xmas then i will get a date with you and we will use only 4 players two per side if you want.


Wow that is just plain impressive!
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Hopefully, if its in the new year, I'll try and see if I can arrange to drive down when geek visits, so you can fend off a Grog invasion!

That looks very impressive - I'm really quite interested in the Franco-Prussian war. have you done any stuff from the 7 weeks war 1866?
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'We few, we happy few, we band of brothers'

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Not done anything for the 1866 period but we have talked about it as i have still tons of Prussians still to paint, interesting battles around that time and i just love the Helion figure range for those Austrians, yea no problem Bob you both figure out a date and i will work around you both, the Saturday game went well with the lads from Manchester they loved it and it was a laugh and a great day.French won though


Smashing - Geek and I will sort something out in the new year then - and I already have the missus' ok for a day out :-))
'We few, we happy few, we band of brothers'

'Clip those corners'

Recombobulate the discombobulators!