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Nationalism destroyed all...

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^Wow. I'll make sure not to introduce your Dad to my dog. That is some crazy stuff.

I know I've seen some clips of some of the Dorchester prison riots on tv. There was one clip where almost the entire prison was out of control and some inmates went up to the roof and threw all kinds of crap down on the police and guards, it looked like Bedlam.

The coolest story Dad ever told me was that one day when they came on shift and they suspected there was going to be "trouble" The warden lined up all the guards and informed them that "No one goes over the wire. I expect all inmates to be dropped on this side of the fence." Later that day they did have trouble, but it was after my Old Man's shift. They put one guard up in the rafters above all of the tiers with a shotgun and a army issue kit bag full of shotgun shells. I guess he tamed things down very quickly.

Well, that would do it, wouldn't it?

Ah....the good ole days when inmates were targets and not mis-understood social deviants created by a poor upbringing.... makes me kinda misty

Migsy are you a cop or a corrections officer? Neither?


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