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Recalc of US Civil war dead

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I have heard of numbers like this recently.  Thanks for sharing the link.

I read that this morning; someone over on the Matrix forums linked it. 

When you think about it, it's really not that surprising that we've potentially been low-balling the numbers the last century and-a-half.  Not to fault Fox and Livermore at all -- it's actually pretty damned amazing they managed to do as well as they did, given the relatively poor record-keeping back then -- but it's not hard to see how they might have missed so many. 

From the article:

--- Quote ---Prof Hacker's figure of 750,000 would translate into about 7.5 million US deaths in proportion to America's current population, Prof McPherson notes.
--- End quote ---

That's staggering to think about.

Makes me wonder how off other casualty counts are. I've read that the total number of Soviet deaths in WWII was 20+ million. Maybe that's even higher too? Hard to connect to such large numbers.


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