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Hello all.

I am, quite obviously, completely late to the table with respect to the Warhammer series of games.  However, some research I was doing last night on some miniature gaming led me to the Warhammer series of rules.

Specifically, I am interested in the Warhammer Historical series- ancients to be exact.  I had no idea such a thing existed.  I'm still trying to wrap my head around the various miniatures rules there are for ancients to medieval gaming.  Field of Glory seems to be popular as well as Warhammer.

I'm more interested in gaming at the individual soldier level rather than the army know, maybe like a dozen people on each side.

Any thoughts on Warhammer for this type of gaming? 

Even more important, any good ideas of where to get Warhammer products?!  I'm having a lot of trouble finding an online retailer of Warhammer Historical stuff.

I'm not very familiar with the Warhammer historical games, but the little I've heard was generally positive.

As for places to buy - Games Workshop (parent company) has very strict rules governing the use of their stuff. For some crazy reason you can't post pictures of their products on your website. However, you *can* sell their stuff. You just can't make it look good.

A lot of companies won't mess with the hassle, but there are a few which do sell Games Workshop's products - and at a steep discount. The one I'm most familiar with is Miniature Market. They're good folks. If you tell them what you want via email, they'll make it happen.

Specific GW link:

Jack Nastyface:
I am almost certain that Field of Glory and the Warhammer Ancients are both larger scale wargames.  If you are looking for something mano-a-mano, you MAY want to look at Warhammer Gladiator (more of a subset of the particular melieu you are interested in).

Ganesha Games ( have a soon-to-be released title called "Song of Spears and Shields" which focuses on skirmish-level ancients.  Some of their other titles have been relatively well received by the mini-gaming community, so this might be worth a look.

Mini-maker Grippingbeast have a rule-set called Saga which focuses more on the mid-to late medieval period (Vikings, etc) but I believe they may have an ancients supplement coming out soon.

Although the Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game is intended for skirmish battles with Middle Earth units, it could readily be adapted to an ancients melieu.  Made by the good people at Gamers Workshop...

There are of course lots of free rules available at

Yours in gaming...

Jack Nastyface

bayonetbrant: carries the stuff, and will ship it to you, but GW won't let the advertise on the web, so you have to find what you want, then call Scott to get pricing and have him ship it to you.

Just another way GW has to make life hard for people.  But they're still making money, so let 'em.

Hey guys,
Thanks for the help.  The WH Gladiators is actually the game I'm looking for- I assumed you had to have the core rules to play the Gladiator game.

Now I understand why it has been so frustrating to find WH games on online retailers' websites.  I certainly can't understand that from a marketing perspective, but I guess it's a good idea to somebody smarter than me.


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