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1/35th scale pin-ups for your heavy metal


Just happened to come across this 1/35th scale figure set of WW2 pin-ups and another from the streets of Saigon that I thought would be pretty neat and unusual for displaying on or beside tanks and aircraft.

Oh, here's another one for WWII Europe

Silent Disapproval Robot:
If you're in or near Vancouver this weekend or the 1st weekend in May, there's a set auction selling off all kinds of stuff from The Man in the High Castle.  Get yourself some 1:1 scale toys!

I'd go but there's a big 3-day gaming con this weekend as well.

I did watch a video where the guy running the auction did a quick run through his inventory and there were some cool neon signs, old timey furniture, and various bric-a-brac that looked interesting.  Can't seem to find the video now though.  Might have been on FB.


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