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--- Quote from: Silent Disapproval Robot on August 23, 2019, 03:22:01 PM ---I ended up buying an airbrush last year.  I got one of the detail brushes (Harder & Steenbeck 0.2mm) and it's really handy for some things but I just don't have the skill to use it to its fullest.  I find it saves me a lot of time for painting things like 15mm armour and 1:300 scale ships but for doing things like 28mm figures, I don't get much use out of it.

If you're mainly going to use it for priming, it doesn't save a lot of time but it does give you a much better coat. It's also great for adding zenithal highlights which lessens the need for shading.

Make sure you get one with a larger needle (0.4mm or more) as the fine ones (0.2mm or less) won't give you the coverage you need for quick priming.

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The Paasche Talon I've been grokking comes with a 0.38mm, which appears to be a good middle-road size for doing primer, base coats, and zenithal highlights.

I'd still rather use brushes for the rest, so hopefully that would be good enough.

Although there's another kit, for that same airbrush, which also includes two more needles both smaller and larger than that (0.2 and 0.5 ?).  I suppose I can just buy a larger needle, individually, if I ever need to put paint on something larger.


--- Quote from: JudgeDredd on August 24, 2019, 01:09:18 AM ---
--- Quote from: bbmike on August 23, 2019, 10:58:02 AM ---Watching with interest. I've been eyeing the Iwata-Medea NEO TRN 1 Trigger Airbrush for over a year now.

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Just get it. It's a fantastic airbrush and gives you fantastic control.

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Is the "Medea" version made by Iwata?

Because I read that their NEO line is actually manufactured by some Chinese manufacturer, and not Ikawa.  Although people say the NEO is a decent inexpensive starter brush.


Will probably get one of those portable airbrush spray booths which suck the paint fumes out through a hose which can be put in a cracked window.

I don't have a garage anymore and don't want fine colored mist lingering around my game room.

Thought about building my own, but between buying the needed materials and time spent, the little booth is priced comparably on Ebay stores.

Silent Disapproval Robot:
If you stick to acrylics, you don't need a fume booth.

You should still be concerned with inhaling paint particles, though. I wear a mask along with using the booth.


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