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Good thoughts from everyone.  Based on some of the guides I read about them, It sounds like a reasonable call to play another nation.  As fascinating as they seem to be (fired up a SP game with them), my relative inexperience in multiplayer Dominions and the fact they draw the ire of everyone around them might make them a choice for another round.  I'll do some more reading and pick another nation. 

This last game was my second MP game. I also indicated an interest in MA Ermor in the pre-game discussions. Adjidica talked me out of it, saying basically that Ermor was a people killing machine that the other players would eradicate before it's cancerous spread became fatal. I played a game against it and three other standard AIs. I now understand why he said that. The game needs a population migration dynamic based on Dominion to balance things out and allow the repopulation of barren provinces. Even that might not be enough.

We are up to 6 players. I messaged Yskonyn, so he might make 7!

I'll gladly edit my post if anyone wants to change their pick, by the way.  Don't think you're locked in just because it says your nation in bold next to your username in the first post.  O0

Just to clarify, if one of you guys want to play MA Ermor, feel free to do so. They are a blast in single player, but I just want to make sure people know what they might be getting into running the nation in MP.


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