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[Dominions 5] Grogspocalypse Now! (FINISHED)

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Thanks for the heads up Solops!
However I am still busy with the Civ6, FoG Empires and Battletech games.
Cannot commit to Dom 5.
Will gladly join after one of these games is done, though.

OK, slap me down for MA Sceleria.

Thanks to everyone for the input. Now itís time to get some practice in with some Pretender builds!

Begun, the skellington war has.   :knuppel2:

BTW, if you're relatively new to Dom 5 like myself, take a look at this guide - it'll help give you ideas for how to build your pretender.

OK, we have six players, possibly seven (someone said they had a friend?). I think we need a bigger map. Biddyn is going to be very crowded with six. I am not a fan of rush type games. And it would require a really different type of pretender. How do we get a bigger map? I have no clue. Peliwyr? Gamble on a random map? I'll look around for something. I suggest we all do. The Llamaserver game set-up has a lot of choices like Twittermap and Low_Diplo9 that might do. But not many of them are downloadable.

I have been playing around with one of the third party map makers. In some ways it is inferior to the one included in the game, but it can guarantee no horrible starting positions. I would need to know two things: about how many provinces per player we collectively want and what, if any, special starting conditions a nation should have, i.e. Agartha needs a cave. I prefer 20+ provinces per player. Some people like more. Many like less. I can make a map, post the pic here and see what you all think. It may work out. It may not. Too bad some of us are not hard-core modders.


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