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That sounds like a good idea to me.  I generally do at least 15-20 provinces per player, and I don't think C'Tis has any special needs for their start.  (Lore-wise, they usually start in a swamp, but I don't think it's necessary for their capital recruitment etc.)

Feel free to post some maps here.  When I'm done with work, I'll try out some of the third-party map generators as well.

Here is a quick, down and dirty sample. The disadvantage is that everyone will see the starting locations of nations and thrones. That is one big advantage the Dom5 map generator has. It does rivers better, too.

I just saw a cool map on the Steam Workshop called Dragon Pass 2 that might do. I am giving it a trial run.
Later - very nice looking, but I find it difficult to orient myself. There are no borders drawn.

Dragon Pass does look cool, but very confusing.  Maybe I could get used to playing without borders, but eh...

I like the look of that map you posted.  I assume it wraps around both ways (East+West, North+South)?  Personally I'm not miffed about having the starting zones/thrones revealed, since we don't necessarily know who will start where (with the exception of Agartha and C'Tis of course)

I think we can do better than the sample I posted. Everyone needs to get their requirements and recommendations in. There may be a Better Idea out there.


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