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(FINISHED) Grogspocalypse Prequel: Early Ages Boogaloo [Dominions 5]

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Another grogs game of Dominions 5, this time in Early Ages.  Will be using llamaserver PBEM to play.

Nation picks:

Ajidica - Rus
W8taminute - Vanheim
TheMeInTeam - Atlantis
Myrmidon - Arcoscephale
al_infierno - C'tis
solops - Agartha
Tanaka - Abysia

Hey man! Thanks for thinking of me once again.
I canít quite yet commit yet, sorry

Have fun and keep me in the loop for next one.

Hi al_infierno,

Thanks for putting this game together for us.  I will indeed stick with EA Vanheim for this game.  Good luck to us all!

Thanks for putting this together al_infierno!

Any thought on maps? With only five players, Biddyn looks good to me. It is a bit on the large side for four players so five should fit nicely.

I'm thinking I probably won't do Ulm.  Was test-casing a water nation but that would be unplayable on Biddyn, so I'll demo a few other things.  It's tempting to pick Agartha too but I probably won't.  Probably :).


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