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Opening up early discussions for a third Grogspocalypse game.  This is a Late Ages game hosted on the Discord channel Clockwork Hounds.

Per TMNT's suggestion in the other thread we'll be using Clockwork Hounds on Discord to host the server since it's quite a bit easier than Llamaserver.  This requires downloading Discord and creating a free Discord account, which shouldn't be any trouble, but if anyone has objections we're open to discussion.

What did you guys think of using MapNuke versus the vanilla mapgen?  I tend to like the more "complex" landmasses that vanilla creates but it lends itself to unbalanced situations.  I'm open for any option, including using a pre-made maps again.

I've done a lot of mapnuke lately, so wouldn't mind a change.  Either a workshop map or a random one would be interesting as a changeup.

I've now gone into lategame in LA in addition to the other eras and am happy with any age.

Have fun with this one people.
I cannot commit, unfortunately.

I might be interested in joining another game.  Don't know if I can commit time wise.  If I can I have no preference to age or nation. 

Count me in.  No preferences on age or map type, although the MapNukes are recognized as the most balanced.  But I've played some fun games on the random type, just be prepared for some salt. 

I'll throw in another plug for the fantastic DE (Dominion's Enhanced) mod.  But I'm fine with vanilla too. 



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