Graviteam's TANK WARFARE: Tunisa 1943 due out on STEAM in May 2017

Started by Staggerwing, April 18, 2017, 12:44:29 PM

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Silent Disapproval Robot

They've been porting over some of the DLC expansions from AP to Mius Front.  You can get the South African one (Operation Hooper) and the Chinese border incident one (Tielieketi for Mius Front, Zhalanashol 1969 for Actung Panzer).  I like the South African one a lot.  The Chinese border one is a little too small of an operation to be of much interest.  Doesn't help that the map is basically just a hill that's devoid of almost all tree cover.  Just a big shooting gallery.

I hope they hire a better translator.  They seem to be regressing when it comes to their "wevy stronk is best translating of an Russian into the Englishes, da?".  The latest DLC for Mius Front is called Grim of Death.


Yeah, the South African ones are most interesting to me. I'm perpetually exhausted of WWII, so anything from a lesser known theater is keen for me. When I last tried it, though, I was fighting the UI more than I was fighting the Cubans.


The "complete edition" of this is currently available in the Steam sale for just over £10 (it would normally be £50+ for base game and all DLC) and I'm seriously tempted to take the plunge. I played Operation Star quite a bit but I've skipped Mius Front as the mountain of DLC puts me off.