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New WH40K Units


New Space Wolf and Tyranids leaked:

Can you say, "Thunderwolf Cavalry?"

I would never buy them as they are not my thing but those are some cool looking figures.

It must take an eternity to paint these suckers up !


--- Quote from: MIGMaster on February 24, 2012, 07:59:53 AM ---It must take an eternity to paint these suckers up !

--- End quote ---

Depends on what you want to accomplish and your level of talent.

Some guys spray a base coat on them, apply two colors and they're done. They aren't looking to impress anyone, they're looking to push an army out the door. They adhere to the "three foot rule" which is to say that when you're gaming most folks are looking at the minis from at least three feet away, and no detail needs to be applied that will be missed from three feet or more.

I've heard tell of guys who were somehow masters of the three foot rule, and created what appeared to be beautiful works of art at three feet, but any closer and they looked like junk.

Personally, I tend to paint for the detail. I do it to improve my own skills and because *I* know what they look like. I want to be able to pick up any mini I own and see the detail.

Other guys do a mix: mass units don't get detail, but commanders and special units (often larger than the normal ones) will get the extra attention because they're "showcase" units.

Now I will say this - my Warhammer 40K units are 25mm and I like applying the detail to them. But for Flames of War, we're talking about 1:100 scale and while that may not sound like much, the individual units at that level start to become so small that detail on them is wasted. Tanks and other vehicles still are more than large enough to get detail, but a man standing a little over a quarter inch high begins to need a microscope in order to both apply and see the detail. It simply isn't worth it, and I doubt I'll ever spend much time on the individuals.


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