U.S. Army Waypoint Force 2028

Started by Lowenstaat, December 03, 2021, 10:40:31 PM

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I ran across this TRADOC video published today by Army University Press. It describes how the U.S. Army continues to reorganize and train for large scale combat operations by moving towards division-centric operations rather than brigade combat teams focused on COIN. It also features an interesting overview of the development of U.S. Army doctrine and organization from the Vietnam era through the Air Land Battle era of the late Cold War and post Cold War and then from the War on Terror COIN era through today.

At 8:12 in the video: "Perhaps the most significant change within Waypoint is the designation of the division as the tactical unit of action around which decisive maneuver is planned." Those divisions, supported by Corps assets, include: an Airborne Joint Forcible Entry Division, an Air Assault Joint Forcible Entry Division, a Standard Heavy Division, a Standard Light Division, and a Penetration Division. The last quarter of the video illustrates the concepts of how a Penetration Division would conduct a contested wet gap crossing as part of a larger operational force commanded from Corps level.

"Initiative compensates for a lack of skill."