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Royal Terran Hegemony - An Aurora AAR

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I wouldn't rely on those. They are all for Aurora VB6. The new version of Aurora in C# has many important differences.

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Doh!  I downloaded the VB6 version. 

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I knew that and that's why I suggested the old tutorials  :coolsmiley:.

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 L:-) :DD :DD

The Main focus of our attention is expansion of industrial and support capability of our colony on Reach, as it will be the main hub for extending the Hegemony into EZ Aquarii. Toward that end, Governor Gerald Tews has ordered the construction of both Naval and Commercial shipyard complexes, further mining operations, and construction factories.

After an uneventful transit, the Vermilion County has arrived in local space near EZ Aquarii B-II with our first Orbital Habitat in tow. It is one of the Ravenna Class and will house 200,000 colonists.

The habitat is safely towed into low orbit and prepared for its first residents.

Almost instantly, the civilian transportation lines mobilize to begin shuttling colonists and supplies into EZ Aquarii. There is a flurry of commercial activity inbound from Alpha Centauri.

We do not want to lose time, and with colonists rapidly heading toward EZ Aquarii, orders are placed for 50 automated mines for delivery to EZ Aquarii B-II.  This is the civilian economy screen which permits the Hegemony to communicate with civilian interests in order to request delivery services for installations. The automated factories are constructed and supplied on Earth, with orders for delivery to the EZ Aquarii system. Civilian logistics lines quickly fill the orders and begin transportation of our vital installations. Through this system, the Royal Navy is freed up to support military and survey operations.

Our first colonists have arrived to their new habitat and are ready to begin mining the surface.  This screen shows that 50,000 colonists now reside within the habitat.

Finally, with population residing in EZ Aquarii the Hegemony has began to expand beyond the Core Sectors. The Royal Navy will be responsible for securing and patrolling this new space. Orbital Defense Monitors are not suited to this role. As such, the Royal Design Bureau has designed its first Frigate, the Paladin Class.  This vessel is 8,000 tons, has a crew of 228 and is designed for deployments of 12 months. She has a maximum speed of just under 3,000 km/s, a range of 35.3 billion km and is armed with two 25cm Naval Railguns in spinal mounts and three point defense turrets housing a three-barrelled gauss cannon. The Frigate is equipped with Active search sensors in both narrow and wide bands for detecting missiles and large vessels and combat information centre. We realize this design has some weaknesses, but we have confidence that she will make an impressive show of force to maintain local order.

To be continued...

The Bureau of Design has modified the Paladin slightly. The Pratt-Savoca Corvette Ion Drive was removed and replaced by the Greenhalgh-Manquero Aeromarine Frigate Ion Drive, a larger, more powerful engine more appropriate for a Frigate. This brings the maximum speed up to 3750 km/s.  In addition, one of the three-barrelled PD turrets was removed and fuel quantity has been adjusted so that range is now 37.9 billion km. This has reduced tonnage down to 7,000. It will be cheaper and faster to build.

Very cool stuff JH! Having read through your DAR I have to say, I am pretty tempted to get this game and give it a go myself. The only thing stopping me is being busy with other projects and not having the time to give this the attention it deserves. Looking forward to your next update!


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