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Royal Terran Hegemony - An Aurora AAR

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Pete Dero:

--- Quote from: Jarhead0331 on December 08, 2020, 10:19:40 AM ---Yes. images are on facebook. I'm on firefox too though and they are embedded for me.

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It is a local thing in Belgium (can't access anything Facebook related unless you have a Facebook account, combined with a Firefox privacy setting).
You don't have to change a thing.    I can make the missing pictures show but first I need to know I'm missing the pictures  :).

My government decided to tackle Facebook because it followed everybody online (including non members - using cookies and Facebook like buttons).
A judge told Facebook it couldn't track non members online.
Facebook responded by blocking all Facebook content for non members in Belgium.

The decision follows a so far fruitless attempt to strike a deal with Belgium's privacy watchdog after it lodged a legal complaint over Facebook's tracking of Internet users when they visit pages on the site or click "like" or "share", even if they are not members.
Once the court order is officially received, "people without Facebook accounts in Belgium will have to log in to Facebook before they can see Facebook pages and other content," the California-based firm said in an emailed statement.
"This means people without a Facebook account will need to create and log into a Facebook account to view this content," it said.

Haha!  Shortly after I posted here I found out that Aurora 4x is free.  I'm definitely downloading this game and going to try it out.

In furtherance of our goal of expansion beyond the Core Sectors into EZ Aquarii, the Cumae Class Jump Stabilization Station has begun to perform its task of stabilizing a network of jump points leading to and from Lalande 21185.  Through jump point stabilization, conventional military and commercial shipping will be able to move between the systems without the need for jump drives. This, of course, is a tremendous savings in mineral costs, wealth and tonnage in vessel design. Jump stabilization technology is one of several miraculous discoveries of the Royal Hegemony Science Academy, which has in large part led to human expansion among the stars.

In order to exploit EZ Aquarii, construction factories on Earth have begun in earnest to construct orbital habitat stations, which as previously noted, shall be towed into orbit around EZ Aquarii B-II and eventually, B-I, as well.  The surface of these worlds are hostile, and not conducive to human existence. As a result, our workers shall live in low orbit. This is a costly and time consuming undertaking, but the appetite of Hegemony industries for raw mineral resources is bottomless, and through ingenuity and fortitude, the minerals will be mined. Toward that end, we have designed two classes of habitat; the larger Pisae and the smaller Ravenna.  The Pisae supports 400,000 colonists, but weighs over 1,000,000 tons.  The Ravenna, on the other hand, can support 200,000 colonists and is half the weight. 

The beauty of space stations is that they may be constructed on the surface of our worlds by construction factories, rather than the more costly and time consuming method of construction from ship yards.  At 1,000,000 tons, for instance, the shipyard complex would have to be host to slipways of monstrous size, well beyond the maximum tonnage of our current capacity. Here, the shipyard complexes at Vancil International, Kocik Marine and Filyaw Marine Industries are in the process of expansion. This is to support a new class of tug that will be necessary to tow the Pisae class of habitat into orbit above EZ Aquarii B-II.

Fortunately, our 25,000 ton tugs, Vermilion County and Butts County are powerful enough to transport the lighter Ravennas. Of course, progress is relatively slow going at only 166 KM/S. The first habitat is expected to arrive in approximately 56 days.

In the meantime, our survey and exploration of EZ Aquarii continues. Two Hawkeye Class survey vessels, Loyal and Persistent, are tasked with this mission.

Finally, the creation and expansion of Royal ground forces continues with ongoing research into improved weapons and armor. Soon, the first generation of gene-enhanced drop troopers will be ready for field operations.

Stay tuned for more!

Thanks for posting this. Just saw it today. Been wanting to get into this again.

I downloaded the game yesterday and spent about half an hour with it.  At first glance I can already tell this game is rich in detail and complex but approachable. 

I think I'm going to really love this game.  Look forward to more AAR updates from you.  There are a few really good YouTube let's plays as well that do a great job explaining the game. 


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