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FoGII Medieval AAR Tripoli (Anglo Saxons) v. under_score (Scots)

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With under_score's permission, I'm going to post a quick AAR of our recent tournament game.  I'm playing the Anglo-Saxons, and under_score is the Scots.  Our armies are fairly evenly matched.  My armored spearmen are better than his protected spearmen. My cavalry/Huscarls are less numerous, and inferior quality to his cavalry/Knights.  My plan is to anchor my right flank against the woods, and try to get behind the Scot left flank and attack his troops in the rear.  under_score wanted to
screen my cavalry and get a breakthrough on my right flank, near the forest, correctly guessing my  mounted units would circle around his right flank, but hoping to get my right to crumble first.

Turn 2 Anglo-Saxon Right flank

Turn 3 Anglo-Saxon Left flank
My cavalry is advancing to start the flanking move.  I'm refusing my right.  My spearmen in the center are advancing to quickly engage the Scot center and left to support the cavalry move. However, the rough ground in the center will put my troops at a disadvantage. 

Turn 4 Anglo-Saxon Right Flank

The Scots begin to develop their attack on my right.  My troops there will not be able to withstand his cavalry, so my attack on his right will have to quickly collapse his flank.

Turn 5 Anglo-Saxon Left Flank

I've just about got the Scot right flank turned.  However, with only 4 cavalry units, I can't delay by messing around with the Scottish infantry. 
That may cost another turn before I can get my limited cavalry arm into action, which could cost me the left flank.  I'm hoping that my slow moving infantry on my left flank can close the distance and engage the Scots, tying down their forces.  At this point, one of my skirmishers has routed.

How are you finding the Anglo-Saxons? Fun to play? Hoping to eventually find an Anglo-Saxon campaign, modded or otherwise.

Turn 7 Anglo-Saxon Right Flank

The Scottish Knights are just about in position to hit my right flank.  It will not hold very long.  The first sacrificial victim is going to be the skirmisher who is trying to attrite the Scottish pikemen.

Turn 7 Anglo-Saxon Center

Another of my skirmisher units routs, while the remainder of my skirmishers safely make it to the rear.  The center of the armies collide, and one of my spearmen units immediately disrupts on impact with a Scottish Knight.  However, the superiority of the Anglo-Saxon armored spearmen over the ScottishHighlanders is quickly established, with a Scottish unit fragmenting on impact.

Turn 7 Anglo-Saxon Left
Meanwhile, on the left flank, another Scottish spearman is disrupted, and the Anglo-Saxon Huscarls are in position to attack the rear of the Scottish army


--- Quote from: Gusington on March 01, 2021, 06:27:45 PM ---How are you finding the Anglo-Saxons? Fun to play? Hoping to eventually find an Anglo-Saxon campaign, modded or otherwise.

--- End quote ---

Any side that doesn't like Haggis is okay in my book.   :)  Seriously, the armies are fun.  This was my first try at an Anglo Saxon army, but it was fun.  It is different than FoG II ancient armies..  Not nearly are professional or balanced as many their ancient counterparts, and it seems there are fewer types of units.  But the medieval game is fun.   Knights in the game are tanks.  They role over just about anything. 


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