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Yeah...I have six headsets, 5 of which are plugged into a PC, so I have the luxury of not absolutely requiring a cable for the Quest 2 and I can use it as a mobile device the way it was intended. Ultimately, a cable is a good thing to have, but if money is an issue and there is no particular desktop experience you are looking for, I think the over-priced cable can be safely skipped.

That being said, my PC-based experiences have not really been as high-fidelity as what you describe. Most VR games, in my experience, are not "photo-realistic". Some are very exceptional, such as Half-Life Aylx and some of the sandbox based gun games, like Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades, but I never really feel like I'm not playing a game. The beauty of VR is the immersive feeling you get from stepping into the virtual world. For me, it still feels like a virtual world, but it is one that I am actually IN. Personally, and in particular, with flight sims and first-person shooters, the attachment to that immersive feeling makes it very hard to go back to traditional 2D style gaming.

I was the same way when I first got VR. My jaw dropped too and I thought it was going to be the end-all, be-all for gaming...but that does wear-off somewhat and the struggle of constantly trying to maximize performance, settings, clarity, etc. does begin to wear you down. I still find myself sometimes playing standard games over VR ones because my time is so limited and I don't want to waste it trying to get everything working the way I expect it too. Much of this frustration comes from DCS, which is very poorly optimized for VR, but when its working and firing on all cylinders...just wow. Its an amazing experience. Still, in general, I would say technical issues are common across the board with PC-based VR applications. Like AZ Tank suggested, the technology still needs to advance.  You can track my experiences through the history of my posts here...from the awe of my first experience through all my experimentation and frustration...its interesting see how my feelings on the technology matured and evolved.



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