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Anybody else catch this on Amazon prime? Itís a pretty engrossing cartoon series about a superhero from another planet, Omni-man. His son just turned 17 and is starting to get powers of his own. In the beginning of the first season it appears that Omni-man is on earth to protect the people, but it soon becomes clear that all is not what it seems to be about Omni-man.

It is rated 18+ And has extreme gore. Iím only 3 episodes in so far, but am really enjoying it. Itís witty and fun. Check it out!

Ive seen it
Doesnt pull punches on what its like to be invincible on a planet of squishy humans
Its going to get dark real soon - the train scene will blow your mind

I binge watched it a few weeks back and loved the whole thing.  Definitely the most compelling superhero-related media I've seen in a long time (speaking as someone who's not generally a fan of superhero stuff).  I really like how it lures you into a false sense of security with the first episode, like this is another purely wholesome Saturday morning coming of age show.  None of the characters are what they seem on the surface, and with the exception of Amber, it generally makes for better and more likeable characters.  Speaking of Amber, minor spoilers for the later episodes:

: show
Amber is possibly the worst part of the show.  I see how they tried to reverse the "Mary Jane" archetype to make her "smarter" or whatever, but she just comes across arrogant and entitled most of the time.  There's nothing really approaching chemistry between her and Mark, but I guess he needs a love interest who's a regular human.  The idea of her being upset with Mark for saving the world repeatedly and not revealing his secret identity, which she's been aware of for a while, just makes her incredibly childish and self-centered.  "Oh no, you were busy saving lives and arrived late to our date!  You're such an A-hole!"

Dammit Carl!:
Dug the whole comic run and hope it hews truer to it (the comic's story lines) than Walking Dead did, but I'm a "purist," like that.

Speaking of gore, the comic never, ever went weak with that stuff so be forewarned.


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