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Chinese Chest Thumping Block Bluster - Battle at Lake Changjin (Chosin)

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Getting that familiar Cold War feel...  Chinese blockbuster....The Battle at Lake Changjin

This is a Chinese telling of the US disaster at Chosin Reservoir. I have not seen it of course, so all I know is what I read. But sounds like the new Cold War is spinning up in earnest on the culture war front.

Dammit Carl!:
Oh boy.  :P

Does this mean we can finally stop panderin' in Mandarin with our own movie industry?   :-"


--- Quote from: al_infierno on October 22, 2021, 12:55:24 PM ---Does this mean we can finally stop panderin' in Mandarin with our own movie industry?   :-"

--- End quote ---

:), I don't think "we" have our own movie industry anymore. It went global 20 years ago. So pretty much every movie made is for the "global" audience...and Hollywood studios are not interested in upsetting any rich movie market. Chinese movie theaters can put alot of "bums in seats" these days; not to mention "eyeballs on screens" with streaming.

Short of a cold war going hot, I don't see Hollywood taking sides in any culture war as long as Chinese money flows freely.

Its a triumph of pure capitalism...;)

This used to bother me about war movies and then I realized that for each good war movie there are a lot of terrible chest thumpy ones that the US and the UK produced during and after the war.  So let the Chinese have their time making these schlocky movies, the Russians did it as well.  Now I just lean into the propaganda and enjoy the movie (if it is enjoyable).
For every Tora Tora Tora there is a Pearl Harbor
For every Longest Day there is All This and World War II (believe it or not a musical newsreel of WWII)
The list goes on


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