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Bone Tomahawk - wild west horror film

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Just watched Bone Tomahawk for the first time the other night.  Wow, what a film!  Kurt Russell leads an ensemble cast as a sheriff of a frontier town who goes on the hunt against mutant cannibal indians.  Great dialogue and characters, and fantastically well cast I might add.  It's on the longer side and it's a slow burn, but it's well paced and the action is absolutely worth the payoff.  The conversational dialogue is absolutely fantastic and there's a great dry sense of humor throughout.  Without spoiling anything, the ending definitely required a bit of suspension of disbelief on my part, but it was compelling and entertaining enough that I was willing to suspend the hell out of my disbelief.

Basically, think Aliens meets The Hills Have Eyes and you've got a pretty good idea where this is going, except with brutal life in the old west instead of space and scalp-huntin' cannibal injuns instead of aliens.   :cowboy:

Also, while it's not heavy on historical context, it being a western it has a nice amount of history nerdism and revolver/repeater porn, which I am personally a huge fan of  :bd:  Possibly a new 10/10 film for me, absolute masterpiece all the way through.

Be warned that this is a straight up action horror film and includes a good amount of gore/body horror, including one of the most vicious and painful looking death scenes I've ever seen in a film.  Definitely not a film for the faint of heart.

Dammit Carl!:
Love, love, love westerns with horror mixed in, so thanks for putting this on my radar!

^Heh how many horror westerns are there??

Sir Slash:
Other than, 'Brokeback Ridge'... I can't think of any.  ::)

Dammit Carl!:
"High Plains Drifter," is, I'd proffer, a supernatural revenge story wrapped in a Western, "Shadow of Chikara," is one where cursed native gold causes all sorts of trouble for the boys (and you can find it on YouTube in all it's 70's horrible acting - Joe Don Baker sloshing about all over the screen is magical), "Ravenous," is pretty damn good too, and this is just off the top of my head.

Plenty of horror westerns to be had - just take a gander in the Western genres on Hulu or Netflix and you're bound to find 'em in there.


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