New FPS Game for U.S. Army

Started by DicedT, July 24, 2012, 02:42:34 PM

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Ahh, yes...the "Game After VBS2". Anyone remember the Army touting VBS2 as the be-all and end-all of Army small-unit and individual virtual training? I do.



To be fair, VBS2 would need to be replaced at some point.

What are the odds that Bohemia won't win the contract?


When any RFP is developed, you can usually tell if they only want a certain product to win.  Word it so that only the one product will satisfy all the criteria. 


1. The contractor shall provide all the features of VBS2.

2. The contractor shall use industry standards for model, terrain and other content imported into the game.

3. The Flagship will be capable of importing and exporting Synthetic Environment Core (SE Core) simulation terrain and Common Moving Models as well as One Semi-Automated Forces (OneSAF) behavioral models."

Just from the constraints, sounds like a slightly upgraded version of VB2 will get the contract.


Sorry for another necro.

TCM Gaming, lol. 

Most of those guys are clueless.  I'm glad I didn't have to deal with them when I was at USMA during the development of FM.  They would have pushed VBS2, which we were already testing (I was actually using the commercial game as well as America's Army for training) before they even knew what it was.  Hell I was doing what they call "Machinima" before they gave it a name.

The current NSC  director was student when we first started DLDC at Leavenworth.  I did an exercise with him using DA and TacOPs.  Talk about a fun exercise.  I would "cut" DA and TacOps maps at the end of each day in prep for the following day's operations.  We did a division level exercise, non-cotiguous AO with like three or four areas.  We had bandits, conventional forces, air assaults, all kinds of fun stuff.  And we put this thing together on short notice.  The students were the "Digital" division and were supposed to use JCATS, but for some reason it didn't happen so we ran it with DA and TacOps.  JJ was a MAJ back then, along with Pat Connors (both made COL as FA57's). 

Let's see.  The biggest consumer of VBS2 is Fort Lewis.  I know USMA is doing some land nav stuff with it, when I was there we used it during cadet basic training or CBT. 

Hell VBS2 is as good as it's gonna get.  Why do they need it to integrate with LVC environments? Besides the fact that it briefs well and is "sexy cool".  I see this fantasy is still alive and kicking as well.

Bowen, lol.


Apocalypse 31

I just ran my Company through a week of VBS3 maneuver training. NEVER AGAIN!!!!  >:(

I told my XO to cancel the other two remaining weeks that we had booked at the simulations center.

The computers in the lab couldn't handle the sim, and had horrible FPS, causing frustration when our gunners were trying to guide a TOW missile on to target at 4k.

We played a simple movement to contact scenario in an NTC environment with our Stryker ATGM Company fighting an OPFOR tank company in defense. The lab was so inadequate, we were unable to make it through a single mission without the server crashing