Tesla getting Steamed?

Started by steve58, July 17, 2022, 03:04:10 PM

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We can't live under the threat of a c*nt because he's threatening nuclear Armageddon.


Dammit Carl!

I ain't the brightest of fellows, but...why?

p.s. And the longer this sort of nonsense goes on, the further into the vehicular luddite crowd I'm going to be driven.  Goddam it, just give me something the size of a Dodge Dakota with a nice, simple inline 4 or 6, a manual 5 speed, and manual windows (with a vent glass like God intended).  I'm willing to take newer radios and the like with the blueteefs, so there's my nod to "new shit," but enough is enough.


Quote from: Dammit Carl! on July 17, 2022, 08:11:30 PM
I ain't the brightest of fellows, but...why?

If you scroll up, the post he's replying to is about adding gaming consoles to the back seats of cars for kids.  So I assume he's talking about integrating steam accounts with back-seat consoles so kids can continue playing their games on road trips etc.  If that had been a thing when back in my Total War days, I would have begged my parents to get one  :2funny:
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If they made nothing but WWII games, I'd be perfectly content.  Hypothetical matchups from alternate history 1980s, asymmetrical US-bashes-some-3rd world guerillas, or minor wars between Upper Bumblescum and outer Kaboomistan hold no appeal for me.
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I guess it's sort of nice that the word "tactical" seems to refer to some kind of seriousness during your moments of mental clarity.
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Silent Disapproval Robot

Heh, max travel range before needing a charge with 2 Steam tablets and Spotify running, 28 km.  People here are now buying small Honda generators and putting them in the trunk along with a jerry can full of gas in case their car needs charging.  Brilliant!

Sir Slash

Great news! Now I've something to do while I am driving on the Interstate, which is SO boring.  :hide:
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