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Well we are approaching that time of year again.  Football season.  The league invites for managers who played last year have been sent out.  Once the previous managers have had a chance to respond to the invitation, I'll open up the league to the general population of the Grogheads asylum to fill out any remaining manager positions.  If you are interested in an open manager slot, just put a note in this tread and the open slots will be made available in the order you post here.

Rookie League - Auto Draft, not a keeper league. 

Pro League - Live Draft, keeper league.

Need to start looking at a date for the Pro League Live Draft.  I'm thinking the last weekend in August.  Open to suggestions.

The league scoring and rules will be posted forth coming unless Metaldog gets to it before me.



Could we get a sticky please?


--- Quote from: Bison on July 14, 2014, 07:31:13 AM ---Could we get a sticky please?
--- End quote ---

Duct tape, bubble gum, or super glue?

Marty Ward:
I've never played in a keeper league. How many guys do you get to keep from last year?

Arctic Blast:
In for both.

How many keepers do we get in that league?

I have to look at it again guys, but I seem to recall one player is held over.


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