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Buffalo Bills player plows out Jim Kelly's driveway


Yes, it could very well just be a stunt, but I still thought it was pretty cool:

--- Quote ---When Mario Williams signed a $96 million deal to join the Buffalo Bills, maybe there was a clause that if six feet of snow fell on the city, he had to plow the driveway of any Hall of Fame quarterbacks who have just battled back from cancer.

Or, maybe Williams was just being a nice guy.

Jim Kelly, like the rest of Buffalo, was snowed in during an incredible blizzard that pelted the city. And who should show up to help him plow out of it? Williams, the Bills' star defensive end, of course.

Jim's wife, Jill, has the proof (it's worth noting that Jim, who was declared cancer-free by doctors in September, looks pretty good) on her Instagram page.

--- End quote ---


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