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2018 Game of the Year Nomination (digital)

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Opening this year's thread

Will be getting the results of the 2017 voting in 2018?

Echoing Mirth, Grogheads dropped the ball in 2017 voting and awards.  We need to do better in 2018.

I'm nominating Order of Battle WW2: Sandstorm as the best digital game add-on for 2018.  I'm working on a review which will go into detail about my reasoning. 

I'm not sure Mirth will ever see it since it will come out eventually on the "Shangri-La Front Page."

I'm nominating Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

I'm completely blown away with what a good job they've done on re-creating early 15th century Bohemia. 

I don't usually spend this much on a game, but it's been worth every penny (even if I hadn't picked it up on sale).


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