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The two conferences I care about: the ACC and the SEC have announced their plans.

ACC will have 10 conference games and allow one extra non-conference game for a team within their State.  This was done to allow some of the normal rivalry games:
Georgia - Georgia Tech
Clemson - South Carolina
Florida - Florida State
Louisville - Kentucky

Then the SEC came out with a schedule of 10 conference games killing the allowed rivalry game the ACC would allow.

The SEC said each school will have to determine if their will be fans, and if so how many and by what choice mechanic.

Overall, this season will kill intercollegiate sports for a lot of small schools.  Why?  It is a little complicated so bear with me.

First, pretty much every college sports team loses money except Football and Men's Basketball.
Second, the NCAA tourney was killed for Men's Basketball in 2020 - which killed a ton of money for a lot of smaller schools.
Third, Federal law mandates "equalivant opportunities" for men and women to participate in intercollegiate sports.
Fourth, medium size schools make money playing away football games and for their conference getting a split of the Men's NCAA Basketball Tournament.

All of the power 5 conferences have pretty much eliminated non-conference games.  That kills a huge proportion of revenue for an awful lot of schools.

Next, it is uncertain how many fans will be allowed to see home college football games.  That attendance is a large revenue stream.

So combine the lost money from killing the 2020 Men's Basketball Tourney, killing nonconference football games, and potentially killing a substantial portion (or all) ticket revenue for football games means a tremendous cash drain on athletic budgets.

An awful lot of intercollegiate sports programs are going to die.  Many nonrevenue sports will be axed because the cash cows of basketball and football will be hamstrung.

My wife suggested just allowing current students to see College Football games this season.  From a health perspective it makes a lot of sense since the young are highly unlikely to be seriously ill from covid.  Also, if only the students see the games then you can space them out in the stadium.  This will never happen since students are a trivial part of ticket revenue.  Big donors get the best seats and pay big bucks for them.

Still, I welcome getting to watch college sports again - at least on TV.

I'm hoping the season happens.  But even if it does it'll have an asterisk next to it regardless of results. 

I had high hopes for Auburn to have an offensive resurgence with Morris at OC.    He did great things at Clemson but was in over his head at Arkansas. 

Nix with a year under his belt and Tank Bigsby coming in were highlights for me.  I hope I get to see them for what they're worth. 

War Eagle anyway.

SEC teams at an auction for the rights to play Vandy.



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UConn is an independent in football.  Who was going to play them this year?  The power 5 conferences effectively eliminated nonconference games.  Some of the smaller conferences cancelled football.  UConn seems like they are trying to score PR points in a season where they could not schedule any opponents.

Their "marquee game" that would have generated the most money was against UNC - and the ACC cancelled that game.


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