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Started by Jarhead0331, July 01, 2021, 09:07:29 PM

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I had the most amazing customer experience today. By far the best I have ever had from any product manufacturer...ever. So, as I posted a few days back, I recently ordered a Pimax 8kx through Amazon and a few days after I received the headset I got a follow up email advising that Pimax offers a free service to schedule a remote set-up session by telephone where a Pimax rep will walk you through a custom set-up based on your system hardware to maximize the potential of the headset. I figured, I'd send an email asking to schedule the call and I might hear from someone in China in about 2 weeks.

Almost immediately, I received a response asking if I wanted a slot between 2:00 and 4:00 on the following day. I took 4:00 and was shocked when at 4:00 on the button I received a call. The tech was not some dude with a binder in Shanghai. It was Kevin Henderson, the Chief Operating Officer of Pimax...this is the number two guy behind the CEO of the company. Kevin spent over an hour on the phone with me listening to my feedback, explaining how the Pimax hardware works and why certain settings impact performance the way they do. It was an awesome and fascinating discussion. Kevin knows everything there is to know about VR headsets, and he even helped develop the Reverb G2. His knowledge is critical because there is so much opinion and misinformation regarding VR settings and hardware on the internet. The discussion was fascinating and I wish we had more time. 

I'm still shocked that the COO of the company is taking it upon himself to help customers in this direct, personal fashion. Kevin left the door open for an ongoing dialogue and future question and answer sessions. Although I am still trying to tweak the headset on my rig, I am simply blown away by this unusual (and quite frankly, unprecedented) approach to customer service and relations.  Before this call, I was sure the art of customer service in this economically driven world of ours was dead. Kevin proved that it is still very much alive. 
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Glad to hear that there are still companies where the customer is king. O0
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That's a fantastic story.  You should publish it on the homepage with Pimax in the title so it will get Google hits.
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At first I thought the thread title was laced with snark and sarcasm. I was wrong!

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