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Started by Bison, March 29, 2012, 03:08:26 PM

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I'm going to tackle scenario #3 of VG Carrier tonight. Not sure why I'm making such painfully slow progress with learning this one. The rulebook is nice and meaty to be sure. Still feeling confident that this will develop into one of my favorite solo games.

In other news, I ordered a copy of Field Commander: Napoleon with some b-day cash last weekend. Lots of great reviews on the web for this one.  Another good reason to get through the Carrier rulebook.


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Quote from: Bison on April 05, 2012, 08:02:37 AM
Well I pulled the trigger on LnL Band of Heroes in addition to ASLSK Expansion #1.  I've also downloaded the LnL demo to try and familiarize myself before I get a chance to break open the real deal in a few weeks.

Bison, I'll be interested in what you think about LnL system, as I'm pretty tempted as well.

I do have the CoH games, but I want something on a similar game scale but with more scope, which LnL seems to provide, and I'm too old and decrepit to think about going down the ASL route.

Well I'll be happy to give my perspective, but beware that I am an idiot.  So that may slant my take on the game.  Well that and these are my first boardgame purchases in over 25 years.  OK.  That's a lie too.  I've bought Chutes and Ladders, Candyland, Monkeys Jumping on the Bed, Hungry Hungry Hippos and some freaky Elephant that blows butterflies out of it's nose in the past 3 years.  But these are the first board and counter wargames I've bought, since the 1980's.

I would take Barth's recommendation and download the LnL demo.  It's like 31 pages or so with a map, counters, action card and 20 pages of rules.  All you need is 2d6 and you can test out the game too.


Huh - bet i'm a bigger idiot than you are - I've had more practice.

Good advice though, I'll try it and we can compare notes if you like - its a popular enough system, and I like LnL's products.
I have all the WaW and NaW stuff and they get lots of table time, both solo and with my 2 wargames buddies.
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Well if I can figure out this whole Vassal thingy and you decide to pick it up, you have an open invite to my intrawebs gaming table. 


Cool, although I must admit, my experience with Vassal has not been all that good, what with me being an accidental Ludite and all that.
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I have no experience outside of my musing with the interworking of Vassal today, which I've basically somehow managed I think to download install all ASL maps, an overlay, some extensions and the new discovery that the ASL starter kit I decided to buy apperantly hasn't had it's scenarios ported to VASL.


See my post in the ASL thread - I just posted some screenshots and advice on how to join a network game.  It's applicable to any VASSAL module (of which VASL is one).

I have some wiki info for playing via VASSAL online and pbem on the VASSAL website as well:

I wrote that some time ago, so some of it may be a little bit outdated.
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Flipped through the rulebook last night that came out of a newly open LnL Band of Heroes box.  The counters are very nice.  I was surprised that the map boards were as small as they are.  Not a bad thing at all.  I guess in my mind I was thinking they would be larger.  The smaller size will work out better for me in the long run I think.


Quote from: son_of_montfort on March 31, 2012, 10:10:57 AM
Bison, are you only wanting wargames or any sort of games?

My favorite solo games are the Dungeons & Dragons board games - Castle Ravenloft, Wrath of Ashardalon, and Legend of Drizzt. If you get one, go for Wrath of Ashardalon or Drizzt. Obviously these are fantasy RPG-lite games, but they have a nice "tactical minis" feel to them. They are fairly light-weight games and not at all wargames. If you want something a bit "grittier" with guns and ammo, take a look at Gears of War (I have a video review coming for this one) by Fantasy Flight Games. Again, it plays a bit like a solo-able tactical minis game, much lighter than Warhammer 40K but mission-based and fairly complex (has rules for cover, grenades, many different weapons to pick up and use, etc.).

If you are looking for something "grand fantasy" that has been described as "the board game version of Heroes of Might and Magic" then you should look into Mage Knight: The Board Game. The second printing is coming out in April (probably 18th) and it was heralded as the best fantasy exploration game to come out in a long time. Several people I respect also said it was the best solo game they have ever played. It is expensive, however, and it apparently takes a good long time to play (1-3 hours even solo).

Lastly, check out my video review of Space Empires 4X. It really IS a wargame that you can solo very well and when you get some gaming buds you can effectively open this up to 2-4 players.

QuoteMarco does a video review

Spelk, total side note, but I actually know Marco. I have yet to meet up with him to play a game (he lives in the same town as I do) but we keep trying to get together and wargame.

SoM, I am thrilled to discover that you are doing reviews. You have a very similar taste in games to me. I'll be checking your material frequently. Your Space Empires video may be the ticket to convince some friends to dive back into 4x pbems.