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--- Quote from: Pete Dero on August 30, 2017, 09:17:01 AM ---I also picked this one up for $3.25 (normal price about $30) :

Enduring the Whirlwind: The German Army and the Russo-German War 1941-1943 (Wolverhampton Military Studies) by Gregory Liedtke

--- End quote ---

Yeah, I have my eye on that one, too. It's $2.99 here. Showing as $59.95 (!!!) at "normal" price.  :buck2:

I'm tempted but I already have tons of books and not really looking for anything new on the Eastern Front. But...Eastern Front, dammit!

I don't get the price differences either. I'd understand if they charged $2.99 here and 2.51 Euros there (according to the exchange rate right now, 2.99 US is 2.51 EUR). But $3.25 there and 2.99 here seems like price gouging. Granted it's not much of a difference but I'm sure there's wider differences in other products.

Thanks Pete!

Pete Dero:
Defeat in the West (WW II)

Should be free.


A whole lot of comics for free on Amazon right now!

[edit]Bah, mostly samples.[/edit]


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