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...uh, since we're playing it on the digital Vassal mod, it counts as digital, right?

AzTank and I are returning to FIRE IN THE LAKE, and this time we're bringing along DaveM and Barthheart as our sacrificial pawns! I mean allies!  :D

Specifically, DaveM will be playing the North Vietnamese Army; Az (Larry) will be helping him as the Viet Cong; Barth will be Captain Arclighting the map as the United States; and I'll be juggling all this grievous nonsense as the local mafia THE ARMY OF THE REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM!

We'll be playing a full team game, meaning that I can't win unless Barth (who is on my side this time, thus guaranteeing some kind of reality implosion) also has scored enough to win; and if all four of us are past our various win-posts, then the teams compare our lowest scores each. This forces everyone to focus on scoring efficiency for all our teammates, too, not only our own.

DaveM and Barth haven't played the game before (and only Az has played the Vassal mod among us before), so pray for us.  :hug:

I may or may not create a video AAR as turns go along, using Tabletop Simulator to illustrate the moves so far. But whether or not I do, here are a couple of relatively short introduction videos.

Dave as the NVA will be kicking off, based on the first card draw, with ArizonaVC having the second initiative. (Then Barth, then me.) The two videos do represent the starting piece placements, but not the starting card draws (yet).

Fire in the Grogs Too doesn't continue to begin! Yet!

Once upon a time this post included a sample video of running a coup turn, but I've deleted that video as pointless now.

Don't worry, more vids on the way.

USA reporting in ready to spread some freedom!

 :bd: Come, spread your freedom all over my vast tracts of land!



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