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fanatical has some interesting ebook bundles on sale right now at a very deep discount. has anyone purchased any of these or taken a look and decided that it just wasnt worth it? i am looking at the cybersecurity bundle as it seems an interesting and relevant topic. im sure there is better stuff out there but would the books they are offering even be worth the $9.99 they are asking?? thanks.

I was also looking at the cyber security bundle as I want to move my career in that direction - would love someone’s opinion on them too.

If you look at the books in the bundle and then search amazon, you can see reviews for the individual book.  For a couple I searched, they got pretty good marks although there weren't a ton of reviews.  For the PC, believe they come in PDF format and other formats for other devices.  If your into the topics, seems like you could hardly go wrong for $10, even if not the all time best.

yeah i know nothing of the subject matter. would hate to buy it for even $10 and find out the info is outdated by several years since this stuff seems to evolve seemingly overnight! going to grab it since it seems a no brainer!

all downloaded. now just need to figure out which one would be best to start with  :pullhair:

wasnt hard to figure out! one of the books is called cybersecurity: the beginner's guide

Not familiar with fanatical. Any chance of a link?


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