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Wolfpack AAR: Pink's Dilemma

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Can someone give me a link to the game page so I can understand the game basics?

Game page:

Better than that, the manual is freely available from the game page as a pdf link!

Though as an introduction the getting-started help file might be better? -- also linked on the game page.

(I haven't bought the game yet but I'm interested; also in the prior Midway game using the same engine.)

Ok, getting back to it.  (My work schedule on Sundays is odd.  I have about 2-3 hours of free time mid afternoon, then gone for most of the day.)

Before I dig into the action itself, I'll note a bit more of the information on my sub.

If you look at the first screenshot, you'll see the sub info box (top left).  The sub is listed as 100%(100%).  The first number is the overall sub health. (Like John's other naval games, this one doesn't have detailed points of damage or the like.  You can get flooding or burning status, but nothing more in depth than that.)  Generally, as long as a ship is over 75%, it operates pretty well. After that, it begins to degrade. That said, subs are pretty fragile, so getting much damage can be a real problem.

The number in parenthesis is the current battery state. I'm running on the surface, so all is well.  My sub is a hair short on torpedoes, as I only have 2 reloads for my forward tubes.  This reflects the torps used in previous engagements against this convoy.

If you rightclick on that area, you'll get a bit more info on your sub, as in this screen shot.

Of note, you'll see that this is a Type VIIC U-Boat, and has armor by Reynolds :D

After this, I'll get into the AAR proper.

So, getting into the action.  It's 11:30 in the morning, and I'm hunting any stragglers from the convoy we attacked previously.  I have two subs, though they are too far apart to easily work together.  No enemy air cover is expected even though it's daytime, so I can afford to run on the surface.  For now, I'll run both subs on their current course (E), until I develop a contact.  After that, we'll see how things develop.

We have contact!  Enemy "K" (Corvette) at the far end of my view range (18000), ESE.  Looks like the enemy convoy is currently  headed WNW at 8kts.  Since this is first contact, I don't have a full clue of its base course quite yet.  I can likely stay on the surface a bit longer before the enemy corvette gets a peek at me.  It may help me read the convoy's zigzags and figure out the base course.  Still though, assuming it stays on a more or less W course, I'm well positioned to submerge and wait for them to come to me. 


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