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Compass Games - Christmas Sale 2020


Compass Games has started their Holiday 2020 sale.  Prices are good until 1/31/21

Preorder games are 25% off retail (this is normal).
Recent releases are 25%-30% off retail

Still in Stock items are 35% off retail (I think this is older catalogue items & their paper wars magazine).

I got a paper catalogue.  Savings are pretty substantial.  Empires and Alliances normally runs $99 and is on sale for $64.

I have three games on preorder with them already.  Their shipping/production schedule fell way, way behind in 2020.  Currently they say:
Devil Boats - Early 2021
Imperial Tide - Mid 2021
The African Campaign - Early 2021
Imperial Tide and Devil Boats were originally scheduled for 2020.  Still, Compass Games does not charge you until the game ships.

I'm considering Empires and Alliances (WW1 strategic) and Dawns Early Light (War of 1812).

This is now live on their website with the discounts factored in.  Since I've purchased from them before, I got their mailing list before the website went live.


Thanks airboy for the link.

I picked up "Dawn's Early Light" a rules light simulation of the entire War of 1812.  I'm sure I'll learn more about the war than I do already.


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