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Developing a new tabletop miniatures wargame.

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If any are interested in giving this a look, we're developing a new miniatures tabletop wargame for release next year. This is a multi genre system, so one rules set for historical, fantasy, sci fi, WWII, and sci fi. The game is miniature scale and base size agnostic, so use just about whatever you already have. We tend to play with 2 mm and 6 mm, though we do some stuff in 28 mm also, mostly black powder with Warlord and Perry minis.

We added a new video today covering how we handle movement.

We also have a FB page up if any are interested in learning more.

Ages of Conflict playtest today - undead vs. mushroom men! Today we tested scaling the rules to a battalion level in which every base represents a battalion rather than a company. Successful test and good day of gaming, particularly when the dragon went down due to an incredibly bad roll. Follow along at

Very cool!

Thanks. We kept this test pretty simple in regard to the board as we were pressed for time, so we just used an empty table to get into the action quickly.

Your miniatures look wonderful.


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