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Developing a new tabletop miniatures wargame.

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I like the scale. Reminds me of WH40K Epic.

I still have large Ork and Eldar armies that I painted in the mid 90's when it was just known as Space Marine and then Titan Legions. Those were the first armies I painted after a pathetic and aborted attempt at WHFB. I learned a lot.


--- Quote from: airboy on November 15, 2020, 06:30:59 PM ---Your miniatures look wonderful.

--- End quote ---

Thanks. The undead are Microworld. The mushroom men and purple worm are all 3d prints.

Scale is 6 mm, same as Epic. Epic was my first foray into 6 mm way too long ago. :)

Looks very promising.  Can't wait to pick up a rulebook O0

A couple of black powder era art pieces for the game. We have the core art for the historical and fantasy sections complete. Starting on black powder now! Join us at for preview rules, status updates, and more!


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