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Undercover Wargamers in the Workplace?

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My team at work recently hired some new people shortly before Christmas who participated in our "Secret Santa".  Imagine my surprise when one of the new guys' interests was: "I like boardgames. Specifically strategy games like Risk"


Now, do I immediately go off the deep end and ask him if he thinks the Allied Proximity Fuse shells in Grigsby's "A World at War" are a worthy tech pursuit in '42, or do I feel things out with an "Oh Risk huh? Cool...
ever play a game called "Axis and Allies"?

 ;D :D

Go with the proximity shells.   No guts, no glory.  :)

Tread lightly at the risk of scaring them away.

He's clearly our kind of dork and was just playing it cool by mentioning Risk. I say, go big or go home. Be loud and proud. What is the worst thing that can happen? He looks at you funny? That happens to me several times a day.

I agree.  If he is hinting he likes board games hit him hard.  But if he truly only likes games like Risk don't make him feel small about it.  Instead try to encourage him to become a hardcore wargamer by pointing out games like World In Flames is sort of like Risk. 


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