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Atlantic Chase

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Would you say this game is more of a dice driven story when playing solo or are there enough meaningful decisions that can affect the outcome?  Thanks.

Silent Disapproval Robot:
There are enough decisions to affect the outcome but the results are highly dice dependant.  You can mitigate thus somewhat by arranging your forces to optimize your chances but luck plays a big factor.

OK, thanks.  I'm ok with luck playing a factor as long as I at least get to make enough meaningful choices along the way.  Looks like GMT and Amazon are sold out right now so I'll have time to watch some Youtube vidoes before pulling the trigger.

I do the same thing nefaro the games stare at me. “Please open up”

I don't see any bibliography in the rules manual, but maybe I missed it.  Can anyone recommend a book that covers fighting in the North Atlantic?  It looks like Battle for the North Atlantic by Bruning got mixed reviews while The Battle of the Atlantic by Dimbleby was better received.  Any thoughts on those or any other recommendations?  Thanks.


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