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War game prices are outrageous!

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--- Quote from: jamus34 on December 01, 2021, 12:43:43 PM ---Iíve never been there, but yeah I imagine the logistics challenges are the primary reason for the cost increases.

My go to game shop was The Games Keep near King of Prussia, PA. More a general game store than wargaming but Karlís got a whole back wall dedicated to wargames.

That said I miss being a part of a gaming group. My old one broke up about 6 months prior to COVID as the primary host moved and with Covid nobody meets in person anymore.

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  Weirdly enough, the prices for unpopular games (like I play) seem to be dropping a little lately in spots. 

I never played a board wargame against someone, sad


--- Quote from: demjansk1942 on December 01, 2021, 05:11:04 PM ---I never played a board wargame against someone, sad

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I've only played once in my life against a real person sitting across the table from me.  Back in high school I was trying to introduce a friend to board wargaming and he played a couple of turns with me until saying "let's stop playing this is boring".  It was then I realized that yeah, this hobby of mine is something I'll have to play by myself in a basement somewhere. 

Wargaming is a lonely life but it still is fun.  Just wish I could get a hug. 

Thatís why the computer is good


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