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A lot of new board game designers are starting to use Kickstarter to help fund the publication of their board games. This has been a real boon to the board game community and has allowed for some really innovative games to be released that would have not seen the light of day previously. Further, Kickstarter has allowed for fans to get premium prizes for early adoption, something that the elitist board gamer loves to do (anything "special edition" is going to be hotly demanded by many board gamers).

Enter Exile Suns, a space-based exploration and war game by Game Knight Games. It looks to be really cool and has a lot of things that make it a good mix between a proper war game and a more casual war game. Luckless battles, fog of war, supply distribution, upgrades, different ship types, technology - all of these elements are in the game.

Anyway, this is actually the SECOND run of the Kickstarter campaign. The first was a rousing success, and the project was funded (so the game WILL be published this summer), however many fans were hoping to get the last of the overfunding goals and turn the cardboard chits into plastic minis. So the developers started up a second-chance campaign to be able to pre-order Exile Suns and hopefully get to the point where they can afford to upgrade the components to the minis. At the moment the project has 11 more days and needs ~$3000 more. That's a pretty small amount for Kickstarter and I'm optimistic it will make it.

Anyway, if anything I said interests you, check out the Kickstarter page here:

Also, watch this early review video to see what the game is all about:

A pic from the back of the box:

Sweet. Do you know anything about the designer?


--- Quote from: LongBlade on January 31, 2012, 06:51:10 AM ---Sweet. Do you know anything about the designer?

--- End quote ---

Eric A. Martin. I believe it is his freshman effort, at least according to his BGG page. Looks like he is based in Memphis, TN and has a background in computer programming. I can see that a bit with some of the design elements of Exile Sun (the supply board in particular and the luckless element). This is what makes Kickstarter so appealing. Along with Springboard, a self-publishing company for boardgames, you can get new designers making their innovative designs into reality with high production values. It really is a great time for the hobby!

The art for the game seems to have been done by a popular artist who worked on Dominion, Eminent Domain, and others.


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