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Dragons and Wargaming? DRAGON RAGE!

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I just saw this came out, a reprint or re-do of the old fantasy wargame/siege game Dragon Rage!

One of the guys who did a video review is a FB friend of mine, so I intend to get together soon and play it with him.

Check out these pics:

The counters look AMAZING! Pre-rounded edges and thick. The new release's counters are on the Left.

Looks like an awesome game!

Double Deuce:
Almost look like Squad Leader boards.  ;D

I like those counters. You don't see many newer games with nice, thick counters like that at least in the games I have interest in anyway. I might need to look into this one.

Thats looks like a really sweet game.  If you get a chance to play it let us know what you think about it.

Agree - components look great.

From what I have heard/seen, the wargame aspect is pretty strong, if a little simplistic. You have strengths of units that "add up" and you compare that to the strength of an opposing stack, then quickly cross-reference to a "to hit" table and roll. The monsters are more interesting. They have a normal "to hit" number and the unit strength of the unit attacking them is the number of wounds they get. For big monsters - Rocs, Dragons, etc, they have a chart of their "body parts" and can get damaged in specific places. Hit the dragon's legs, it losses movement points, hit its wings and it can't fly.

Really cool stuff. Hopefully I will get to play it within a few weeks with my friend and have more to say about it.


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