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by jove warhammer on the bbc

"If you know your Necrons (virtually invincible soulless metal warriors) from your Dark Eldar (sadistic elfin pirates), the chances are you are one of the dedicated tribe who have signed up to what fans call The Hobby."

Nice find.

I would disagree with this:

--- Quote ---Several players say they feel exploited. "You need at least 200 just to set up a half-decent legal army for a game, and if you want a board and scenery to go to play with friends you're looking at least 200 on top of that," says Craig Lowdon, 25, of Crewe.
--- End quote ---

Double those numbers. Unless you really know what you're doing, you're going to spend a lot more than $600 setting up an army. You'll want a number of units to try out before you figure out what works for you.

scary but true, you would be cheaper with a smack addiction. However there is no reason why the whole game cant be played with squares of paper (for the regiments) with stats and unit numbers written with pencil on them. Granted no good for official play but you could play the exact armies you wanted.

Interesting article.  I like to think of myself as a tabletop gamer but 40k has never really appealed to me.  Although I am tempted by the GW LOTR figures and rules.

Always found wh40k (the main game) to be really a skirmish game, to capture the real essence of battle imho epic (space marine) scale. I was disapointed they (GW) did not do a epic fantasy. guess there was not as much money in it.


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