Classified France ‘44 (xcom like)

Started by Grim.Reaper, February 26, 2024, 06:17:47 AM

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Could have sworn there were past posts on this, but couldn't find it.  March 5th is the release date and will cost $34.99.  For $15 more, could buy the edition to get 5 days early on Feb 29.

Been playing the demo and really like it so far.  Like playing an xcom type setting in a World War II setting.  Going to take some time to learn this one as in the third mission I was already facing an enemy that took me to task:)


Thanks for the heads-up!  I'd never even heard of this but have the demo downloading now... sounds right up my alley!
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Got this for 30% off during publisher sale (the sale is still on through June 27).

Not bad, having some fun with it.

Worth the sale price IMHO.

But just "good" not "great" IMHO.
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