PVKK: Planetenverteidigungskanonenkommandant

Started by al_infierno, June 20, 2024, 05:22:51 PM

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Another one for the "games made by madmen" trend, here's PVKK: Planeten... whatever.

Looks really cool, basically a cockpit simulator style thing where you control a defense platform for fighting off invading ships.  Looks like there's a lot of cool stuff to fiddle with in your hub area.  Very much looks like a Grogs approved game!


Description from the devs on Twitter:

"The game comes from a love of pressing satisfying buttons and a fascination of old cockpits.

Mix that with a bit of escape room and "Papers, Please" and you got PVKK.

At the core of the game is shooting down invading space ships. You make tactical decisions and execute detection, shot and energy procedures like a pro."
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If they made nothing but WWII games, I'd be perfectly content.  Hypothetical matchups from alternate history 1980s, asymmetrical US-bashes-some-3rd world guerillas, or minor wars between Upper Bumblescum and outer Kaboomistan hold no appeal for me.
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I guess it's sort of nice that the word "tactical" seems to refer to some kind of seriousness during your moments of mental clarity.
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Yeah this is off the planet crazy stuff. I love it. Very dystopian. Makes me think of some forgotten hold out years after a war has been over, still fighting, still lapping it up.
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