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Warfigher Map

Started by taijeronv, May 15, 2014, 01:28:19 PM

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This is my attempt at map for Brant's Warfigher Series.

This is my first "analog" hex map.  Most of my map making is for Follow Me.

I use Inkscape for all my maps.  Working with vectors is so much more easier.  And I have this cool extension that automatically makes the hex grids and coordinates for me.

It didn't take me long to make this, as you can see.  I will work on it some more when I get back from Kiev.

Any feedback would be appreciated.


very nifty

If you're using Inkscape, take a look at these:
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I used the hexmap extension for the map I posted.

I like using standard colors instead of textures.  My original FM maps had textures, shadowing, and relief shading, but when I got here I opted for a more generic "clinical" look.

When using "real" maps I noticed the cadets spent to much time trying to interpret what they see.  Shadow, vegetation, etc. where more distracting than anything.  I try to create scenarios with as little distractions as possible, at least unintentional distractions.  Abstract terrain is one method.  Instructors always want to use real "dirt" but sometimes that's not the best COA.  What I like about my method is that I can create specific terrain problems for my class.

Anyway I'm back from Kiev.  I will experiment some more with my analog maps.