Dig Hero Quest/Space Crusade/combat board games?

Started by GimlisShart, October 05, 2017, 09:51:07 AM

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We're making a new combat/rpg dice board game heavily influenced by old-skool classics Hero Quest and Space Crusade and we're looking for fella's and ladies who may be interested in backing such a project should we attempt to crowd fund it into existence. We built a DIY prototype and have been playing the hell out of it. It's been a lot of fun!

We've already got nearly 200 mail signups so If this tweaks your whiskers & sounds up your street, please head over to our temp site where you can find out more about it, check out some pictures and sign up to our mailing list which we're using as a gauge of interest in this project.



Welcome to GH, GimlisShart (and wow what a screen name!).

Thanks for sharing. The game looks very interesting. Please keep posting and updating the forum members, and if you ever get a review copy, let the site management know.  O0


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Cheers. They're massive! I ordered a bunch of blank ones off ebay and when they arrived they were a lot larger than expected. I've got so used to them now I might try and keep them on the relatively larger size should the game ever get produced.


The Black Crown Board game continues to test well and support has been growing, which is great! We've also created a new party board game we're currently just calling "Band" which puts the players in the shoes of a band humorously dodging and weaving their way through the music industry.

Check it out here and sign up to the mailing list to get updates - https://tricor1.wixsite.com/bandboardgame