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Warno with army general will really fun.
I liked the Steel Division 2 campaign but it was tedious and also was a bit of a "setup" in terms of how you were pretty much pre-determined by the initial strategic deployment as to how you could play. Realistic but meant like the real thing tonnes of battles on the same terms. Defensive or Offensive. A real grind. The grind caused because you played every single battle (I don't not auto-resolve) instead of one big front all at once. I think it was the defensive sand bags and such and deploying them every time that made quick battles impossible. Making progress in the campaign was slow if you wanted to do it properly.
In WARNO we will see.

An early dev shot of the campaign map
Computer Gaming / Re: Campaign Series Vietnam
« Last post by Jason Petho on Today at 10:02:03 PM »
The thirteenth session of A Week in Binh Long. Caveat - I recorded this while on the road, the recording should be better than the last as am using the proper software. We have managed to proceed through all the Day 2 night turns and made it to Day 3 and figured out what the missions will be. The Viet Cong were more active this night, they would appear and disappear. It was a cat and mouse session indeed!

Current Events / Re: Russia's War Against Ukraine
« Last post by SirAndrewD on Today at 09:48:35 PM »
Yeah, don't assign any 3D chess to what happened in Lyman.

It was the Russians not knowing what to do and failing to do very tactically logical things weeks ago.

There's at least some stories now that the Russians did at least save some of their men there.  A lot of troops did get a retreat order but had to abandon their gear and positions and just run.

Issue now is they're falling back with UAF forces at their heels.
Warno with army general will really fun.
Current Events / Re: Russia's War Against Ukraine
« Last post by GDS_Starfury on Today at 09:06:00 PM »
it wasnt that, it was another clusterfuck of russian command.
Current Events / Re: Russia's War Against Ukraine
« Last post by JasonPratt on Today at 08:30:45 PM »
Remember to note, the Russians have their best troops in the south.  Kherson is defended by a reinforced Guards division.

and theyre also firmly fixed in place as the north collapses.   :bd:
the territory the UAF are taking also puts a few airbases in range of rocket systems.

And naval bases. I recall hearing that the Kilos surged last week?

Re leaving Lyman as a miserable speedbump: remember how that was so weird when we saw it developing, we worried that Putin meant to nuke the area as a show of force or something like that? Glad that hasn't happened! (Yet.)

Over the past few days (while I've been away) I started wondering if Lyman was meant to be a propaganda-loss, so to speak: LOOK YE SONS OF THE MOTHERLAND, LOOK AT THE SLAUGHTER, STAND UP YE SONS AND FIGHT FOR, where was this, Donetsk or, um.... NEVER MIND THIS IS OUR HOME NOW, LOOK AT THE SLAUGHTER!

But the propaganda outlets are at best confused on how much they should even talk about Lyman. So, if that was a sacrifice play to goose defensive morale, the plan got signal-crossed.
Single player…developer said May look into multiplayer later depending on the demand

I think I would consider playing a game like this if it was combat mission with AAA title graphics and animations. I imagine a combat mission WEGO physics game that has photo realistic terrain and amazing 3D animations of crews and machines. Instead we get "this is a single AT gun 3D model in a hex" now just imagine that whole square has everything else and watch the stats fly. It's just a little counter intuitive to me in 2022. I'd like it to be easier for devs to put more visual detail and correlating unit actions into their games even if they are HEX based.
Single player…developer said May look into multiplayer later depending on the demand
A few screenshots from warno which now has 14 divisions total (so far) and a campaign map similar to Steel Division 2's coming.
I find it far superior to Red Dragon but the internet crowd is funny. They prefer what they know and I think like many games they look set to stay with red dragon, primarily because they seem to expect that Eugen are giving them the same product with less content and DLC to come. I on the other hand cannot stand the Red Dragon interface and see a huge amount of improvement over Red Dragon in general.

General Discussion / Re: Important Weather News
« Last post by W8taminute on Today at 07:37:16 PM »
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:( I hope he's doing all right.

+1  Me too.
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